The Three most powerful words

Nike sure hit it right on the head – Just Do It!  Three powerful words that not only changed their marketing sales figures but maybe even a generation of awareness.  Getting into the action part of our lives instead of sitting around and talking, planning, and worrying about what to do or how to do anything.  These three words will compel you to do just about anything you set your intentions on.

I’ve been working on being a coach for a good part of two years with no steady clients. I’ve immersed myself in books, classes and different meditation techniques. But the only thing that ever gets me to move forward is the Just Do It attitude. Enough learning already, get to it and just do it! Once I get into this frame of mind, I feel unstoppable and able to conquer any worries or fears that may stand in my way.

How does this keep me in shape?

For starters it gets you moving! You have to block out all your fears and your perceptions and decide to go for it. This can be handy when accomplishing your weight loss goals or starting healthier eating patterns. Part of “Just Do It” has a curiosity and a willingness to make mistakes. It’s a mindset that helps you keep on even when the tough get going. Think back to a time in your life when you “just did it”what happened how did it feel? What was the outcome? More often than not you learned from the first steps how to take the next and the next.

Take action: Just Do It!

What have you been thinking about, reading about or dreaming about that you have not been able to get around to or see yourself doing? From that pick just one aspect of that dream or goal and JUST DO IT. See what happens. Was the outcome what you expected?  Did some of your fears disappear? Send me a post and tell me what happens when you decide to JUST DO IT!


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When we work towards perfection we only see flaws. If we can just see what is then we can truly experience perfection.

This is something I witnessed the other day with my 3 1/2 yr old daughter. I wanted so badly for my daughter to wear something in particular that matched and looked cute. She had another idea that what she liked was a particular shirt and a pair of pants but they did not necessarily match. In her world it was all about what she liked regardless of the fashion police. For me, it was more about what she was going to look like to other people. Once I realized this, I was able to see how perfect the outfit she selected was. It was truly an expression of herself. It was not about looking good, but about what she wanted to wear.

How does this keep me in shape?

By seeing perfection in every aspect of your life, even just looking in the mirror you will start to relax and find the joy in life, rather than the flaws and problems that you keep looking for. This will bring you greater joy and ease in your relationships with others and even yourself. Keeping the mindset of everything is perfect as it is, will relieve a ton of stress in your life. You will stop trying to make things work (your way) you can release yourself from certain expectations and outcomes and be happy with what shows up.

Take Action:

Take a moment to stop and see the perfection that surrounds you. Starting with the environment you are in, the trees, the sky, the birds, the chair that supports you etc. It all works in perfect balance and it is effortless. To take even just one minute to notice this each day will make a difference in your stress levels.

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KGGV 93.1 The Family Hour with Sharon Ann Wikoff

If you were listening to the Family Hour this evening I would love to hear your feedback on the show! If you are interested in any of my programs or would like to have a chat please call me anytime at (818) 605-9870 or send an e-mail to my personal e-mail at Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the affects of stress on weight and the 4 questions to add value to your day.

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Commitment vs. Trying

This is one of my favorite power tools. It really gets down to the nitty gritty of what is going on.  The saying that “everyone is committed to something” really is true.  Even if you are doing things you don’t want to do, you are committed to the outcome.  Which is why the question comes up “How is this serving you?” This question usually leads to discovering the UAC, which can be a huge breaktrhough with clients.  It really helps shift their prespective on what their true actions are and see what they are really committed to by observing their actions.

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The Unshakable Mindset and Enthusing

When I think about the unshakable mindset, it’s really an important thing. Being unshakable brings up imagery of a wall. Last week we talked about Enthusing and what it can do for your clients.  Sometimes people can get stuck on what seems to be a barrier or unshakable mindset. Their thougths and actions are gravitated toward that which continues to keep them from getting what they want. Enthusing is a great tool becuase it can break through the barrier with acknowledgement and excitement which will move them forward. 

When I think about what it would be like if everyone were enthusing it would be wonderful. Everyone would win in the situation since enthusing carries such a high energy that it would elevate the person enthusing as well as the one being enthused. 

I notice that people do not often use enthusing as the technique to get what they want, it’s usually based on their own ego, nagging, manipulating, anger, etc.  When I notice there is enthusing taking place, the situation is much easier, lighter and is a win for both.

When I use enthusing for myself, I can see the benefits from both sides. It feels better to enthuse others! They are also more willing to go about what you ask.

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Self Care – Advanced Coaching Technique

Self Care? I wondered how this would be part of coaching. I realized it had EVERYTHING to do with coaching.  Coachng is all about fulfilling your own needs and getting to the core of the matter.  Self Care is the action that gets you there. 

I discovered self-care after having my two children. In the first couple of years, they were all I cared about. I didn’t do much for myself.  It was so easy to not worry about me, they needed constant attention. It wasn’t until I went out to a social gathering and realized the only thing I had to talk about was my children. I was not surrounded by too many other moms, and I really longed for regular conversation outside of children.  Don’t get me wrong, children are wonderous and beautiful that deserve a lot of attention and maybe even more so these days. But my only sense of self was through them. I realized I needed to change that. That’s when I found Self Care. How great it was. At first it did seem selfish. I felt guilty and worried about them the whole time I was away.  Then I realized that they were actually benefiting from my absence. It was a chance for them to experience the world without me and to forge relationships with other family members and friends. 

When looking at self care it may seem selfish, but in a bigger sense, it’s quite selfless. Taking care of yourself means you can take care of those around you. As they say on the airplane prior to taking off the runway: “When the oxygen masks fall, place yours on first then help your child or those around you.”  Self care is a good breath of oxygen to your life.

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Acknowledgement –

As I think about today’s class about acknowledgement, I realize the power of this small gesture.  Throughout the class we talked about the affects of acknowledgement: what happens when people are acknowledged? Many of the outcomes were about opening up new levels of confidence, approaching a relationship in a different way, seeing a new perspective about somebody else and even breaking through frustration.  These were all amazing outcomes considering the effort was made in a warm and heart felt way. Often times we are so accustomed to working things out through conversing and going back and forth between want, should and have to; that the communication for what truly is needed becomes lost.  Through acknowledgement the truth is able to come to the surface safely allowing for a more positive and forward moving outcome.

I have seen this work wonders in my own life, especially with my two small children. Any acknowledgement they recieve is fully expressed with glee on their sweet little faces.  The more positive acknowledgement they recieve the stronger their confidence becomes and the frustration dissipates out of practically any situation. 

I understand the affects first hand as it happens in the reverse. Whenever I am acknowledged the feeling of appreciation is so strong that I can not help but feel wonderful about it.  It’s almost impossible take acknowledgement in a bad light.  The essence of acknowledging someone is a complete appreciation and understaning at the same time. 

Practicing acknowledgement on a daily basis is a great way to bring about more positive thinking which creates positive changes in all that are involved.  And it’s so simple!

I would love to hear your thougts on this post. Please sign in and post your comments below.

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